$MARE: A decentralized MARE financial ecosystem built on our community's love of mares and memes. /)


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Our vision is to provide our community — brought together by a shared love and appreciation of mares — a crypto token that can be used in lieu of fiat to help support our creators. Imagine paying for art commissions, donating to fan projects, or providing financial support to charities that care for neglected or abandoned horses with your MARE bits. And by using the power of bridged ERC20 token networks, all of this can be done more affordably.


The key component to making MARE Bits a success is (You): Help us out by designing apps or sites that leverage MARE. If you're a creator, run a fandom project, or run a horse charity, reach out to us and we can help you accept MARE payments. And everypony else, ask the people you support to consider accepting MARE. Together, we can spread the good news about how awesome mares are by talking about MARE.

Do you like bananas?

Supply itself is limited to approximately 233,666,428,911 tokens. No new tokens will ever be minted, and the contract itself does not support minting. This means there is a limited supply, making these some hot Mare Bits.
These Mare Bits are also moister than an oyster! Our goal is to squirt at least 90% of tokens into presale and liquidity provider contracts with various exchanges; the resulting LP tokens will be locked for at least
Only about 10% of tokens will initially be held by the dev, and if you know him, you know he's never pulling out of these Mare Bits.

Blockchain Portability

Polygon has provided a PoS bridge between Mare Bits on Ethereum and the Matic blockchain; this means you can easily move your Mare Bits to and from Matic to take advantage of lower transaction fees. We will be looking to provide liquidity on Matic as well. See the contract on Polygonscan0xb362A97aD06C907c4b575D3503fB9DC474498480.


Important contract and transaction related links for (You):

Ethereum Token 🪙
Polygon Token 🪙
Ethereum ETH/MARE Liquidity Token 💧
0xc36442b4a4522e871399cd717abdd847ab11fe88 #1608570xc36442b4a4522e871399cd717abdd847ab11fe88
Ethereum ETH/MARE Liquidity Lock 🔒
Polygon ETH/MARE Liquidity Token 💧
Polygon ETH/MARE Liquidity Lock 🔒
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Polygon MATIC/MARE Liquidity Token 💧
Polygon MATIC/MARE Liquidity Lock 🔒
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About Us

This entire project is currently run by a single individual known in the brony fandom as Twifag or Corpulent Brony. I'd love to have more friends on board helping to build utility for this token. I've sunk quite a bit of my personal money into it; not with any hopes of future financial gain, but just to help spread the love of mares to the wide crypto world and offer fellow pony enthusisasts an alternative to the doggy tokens.
We'd really love your help to come up with more ideas and to help implement ideas we already have. Future ideas we are currently developing:
  • Mare Bits Locker (Now live on Polygon! Read more here): A way of locking tokens away for a predetermined amount of time. The Locker issues an ERC-721 NFT token that can be used to withdraw locked funds once the lock period has expired. Requires anyone making a deposit or withdrawal to hodl $MARE. This contract is used to lock our own tokens and other than the requirement to hodl $MARE, it is completely free to use (minus gas costs, of course).
  • Mare Balance Check API: Will provide a single and simple API call that other fandom sites can use to check the $MARE balance of a given wallet address. Can make implementing features dependent on users hodling $MARE for third party fandom web sites (i.e., a special badge is displayed for those who hodl). (The balanceOf function is currently in a beta state and may be queried here: https://api.mare.biz/balanceOf?address=0x... Please be patient if it is down.)
  • General ERC-721 minting contract that will allow artists to mint any NFT tokens. While there would be no fees charged, anyone minting a token will have to hold $MARE. (I should be able to handle this on my own, unless someone else would like to help as well.)
  • ERC-721 (or ERC-1155) NFT allowing users to build their own ponies. Would use SVGs and allow users to custom design their own pony and hodl it as an NFT. Additional features like adding accessories may be restricted only to those who hodl $MARE. (Would need help with vectoring and fancier web site design.)
Others who have helped make this a reality:
  • Anonymous artist who helped design our logo (name withheld until they give permission to use it)
  • Anonymous artist who helped vector our logo (name withheld until they give permission to use it)
  • (You) for helping to spread the word about $MARE

Join Us


Please read this carefully before proceeding

  1. MARE is an extremely risky meme coin and its value could fall at any time; don't invest any money in MARE that you aren't willing to lose
  2. MARE is not an investment vehicle, there is no company backing MARE
  3. There are no guarantees that the price of your MARE will increase or decrease
  4. The above being understood, we do personally vow to abide by these terms as closely as possible and will provide evidence on the site of all contracts and transactions relating to liquidity, burns, donations, and locking of assets. Please contact us at one of the links above and ask if you think there is some documentation we are missing
$MARE is now available for purchase on Ethereum via Uniswap or on Polygon via QuickSwap. Use the links on this page to quickly find the trading pair, or enter our Ethereum token contract0xc5a1973e1f736e2ad991573f3649f4f4a44c3028 or Polygon token contract0xb362a97ad06c907c4b575d3503fb9dc474498480 (address listed above).

How to MARE on Polygon

The fees to swap on Polygon are far lower than on the Ethereum chain, so you may want to make your purchases there to save some cash. Since Polygon isn't as widely adopted yet, here are some steps you'd take to make your MARE purchase.
  1. Download Metamask: Unfortunately, most of the web3 world isn't yet very standardized, but Metamask seems to be the most widely supported wallet
  2. You are going to need something on Polygon with which to make your purchase. I'm not sure if an exchange exists where you can buy MATIC from them directly on the Polygon network, but the way most people get money on Polygon is by bridging it from Ethereum. This can be expensive. ETH is going to be the cheapest to bridge, since it requires no approval. The Polygon bridge is probably the easiest to use
  3. If you haven't yet added the Polygon network to your Metamask, the Polygon bridge can do it for you by clicking the Switch to Polygon button in the upper right
  4. Go to QuickSwap by using this link and convert whatever you bridged over to MARE. You will need MATIC to pay the swap fees (they tend to be very low, think pennies). The Polygon Faucet might be able to provide you enough to cover these fees (no guarantee)