$MARE: An Ethereum token for the oppressed bronies, horsefuckers, and nor/mlp/eople. These bits are bringing mares to the world of blockchain. It may be a meme token, but with your support we can show the furry tokens that hoofs always beat paws. /)


Token Symbol
Max Supply
Presale Starts
Soon, I hope
Contract Address



Supply itself is limited to approximately 233,666,428,911 tokens. No new tokens will ever be minted, and the contract itself does not support minting. This means there is a limited supply, making these some hot Mare Bits.


These Mare Bits are also moister than an oyster! Our goal is to squirt 90% of tokens into presale and liquidity provider contracts with various exchanges; the resulting LP tokens will be locked for at least

Developer Tokens

Only about 10% of tokens will initially be held by the dev, and if we can find a suitable vesting platform they will only be released on a certain schedule, helping to guarantee the developer won't pull out early (no mare likes that, details TBD)

Reducing Arbitrage Risks

In order to mitigate the risks of impermanent loss due to arbitrage, at least 50% of the tokens set aside for liquidity will immediately be issued to a single exchange (likely Uniswap) with the remaining kept aside with periodic releases to allow for the addition of more liquidity providers (this is another situation where they will be locked away if a solution can be found, details TBD)


We may donate some of the 10% of dev tokens held back for airdrops/giveaways in order to help promote Mare Bits. We want everyone talking about these juicy bits, so we'll be trying hard to come up with some way to reward shills

Blockchain Portability

Polygon has provided a PoS bridge between Mare Bits on Ethereum and the Matic blockchain; this means you can easily move your Mare Bits to and from Matic to take advantage of lower transaction fees. We will be looking to provide liquidity on Matic as well. See the contract on Polygonscan.

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